SmartTouch - project coordinator’s note

SmartTouch wins ITEA Achievement Award 2009 GOLD

The SmartTouch project (ITEA No 05024) is the largest effort on piloting Near Field Communication technology in the European Union. The project is running from 2006 to the end of 2008 and is examining the role of Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) in City Life, Home, Wellness and Health, Technological Building Blocks, Security and Privacy, and Business Building Blocks. The extraordinary combination of partners in SmartTouch, including technology and service producers, researchers, and organizations setting up first pilots, is pushing the NFC technology forward in many fronts. After two years of work, the basis of NFC-enabled services has been laid. In addition to the usual suspects, payment and ticketing, SmartTouch partners have been tackling access control, infotainment, and entertainment services.

Project Coordinator Tuomo Tuikka,

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