2nd International Serpent User Group Meeting

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2nd International Serpent User Group Meeting

Postby Jaakko Leppänen » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:14 pm

As discussed in Dresden last September, we have decided to organize another international meeting for Serpent users in 2012. In order to benefit as many users as possible, we decided not to have the meeting in Finland, but rather to find a more central location, easily accessible from around the world. So far we've had 4 offers from different organizations (all in Europe), but before making any decisions, I would like to wait for another week or so to see if there is yet someone else (perhaps in North America) interested in hosting the meeting. After that we'll have a vote and make the decision based on the expected number of participants.

What we are looking for most of all is a good location with reasonable prices for travel and accommodation. The host organization is to provide the meeting room and other facilities, organize registration and help with practical arrangements, such as hotel reservations. Lunches and a social event (dinner) are a bonus, which I'm sure everyone will appreciate. A small registration fee can be collected to cover some of the expenses, but it should be noted that most of the users are university students with a very limited travel budget.

Here are some boundary conditions:

    - The meeting will be arranged sometime between August and November 2012. After we decide on the location, we'll start iterating the date.

    - 33 participants attended the meeting last year, which I think is a good initial guess for this year as well. Be prepared for larger participation, but also canceling the event if much less than 20 people should attend. There are about 160 registered Serpent users at the moment, of which 90 are from Europe and 50 from North America. In many cases there is only one name per institute, and the actual number of active users is not known.

    - The meeting will take 2 or 3 days, depending on the number of participants and presentations. Last year we had 1.5 days for presentations and a few hours for discussion.

    - The registration fee should not be much more than 100€.

    - Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants, and not included in the registration fee.

So if you think your institute might be interested in hosting this event, let me know by e-mail, or post your offer at this discussion forum by Friday, March 16. I'm hoping we'll have another succesful Serpent meeting this year!
- Jaakko
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