Discussion topics for the upcoming Serpent meeting

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Discussion topics for the upcoming Serpent meeting

Postby Jaakko Leppänen » Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:35 pm

The Serpent meeting in Dresden is one month away, and so far we've had about 30 registrations, which is about 50% more than what we originally expected. A detailed programme with presentation titles will be posted at the meeting website (http://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pOid=32814&pNid=1296) soon.

Also note that the afternoon of the second day is allocated for discussion. The idea is to talk about problems, bugs, new capabilities, etc. and just to ask and answer any Serpent-related questions. To get the most out of this meeting, it might be a good idea to outline some of the discussion topics in advance. I would therefore like open this thread for suggestions.

Here are a few ideas that I would like to bring up for the discussion myself:

1) Group constant generation in non-fissile zones: I get a lot of questions about how to generate group constants for reflectors and other non-fissile zones, and since I don't have that much experience in lattice calculations, I usually cannot come up with an answer.

2) Parallelization: The parrallelization in Serpent 2 will be based on the combination of OpenMP and MPI. The performance of the shared-memory part (OpenMPI) has so far not been very impressive, and I would really like to hear some expert comments on this topic.

3) Production runs: The generation of group constants for all state-points in full-core calculations requires a lot of runs, and it is certain that no one will write the input files manually. This brings a few interesting questions, such as: should we have a separate project for developing a common driver program for this task?

4) Scripts: I know that people are using different scripting languages for manipulating input and output files. Would it be useful to have a common depository for tools like this, instead of re-inventing the wheel at several locations simultaneously? One clear and common need is a script that converts MCNP input files into Serpent format (and/or vice versa).

5) Multi-physics: Coupling of Monte Carlo neutron transport codes with TH or fuel mechanics codes is a hot research topic. We have plans to couple Serpent to some of our in-house codes, but before starting this project I would like to find out what has been done elsewhere (with MCNP), and if someone else has similar plans for Serpent. The idea is that Serpent would have an interface to the coupled codes via exchange of input and output files, and the question is, what is required to make this interface as versatile as possible?

6) Code development and licensing issues: The Serpent Software License Agreement allows the user to make only "minor modifications" in the source code. This is a limitation required by our legal department, and since there is some interest in doing code development outside VTT, this is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner or later.
- Jaakko
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