Negative TOT_SRCRATE when changing boundary condition

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Negative TOT_SRCRATE when changing boundary condition

Postby xixipang » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:25 pm


at the beginning of the simulation of the reactor, because the structure and the configuration of the reactor was not so clear, so I set boundary condition as reflectory boundary condition for the simple case and the result didn't have any problem.

The real reactor has a reflection layer around the vessel of the reactor, so when I refined the model, changed the material and the structure of the reactor and also changed the bc to 1 as black boundary condition(Use the real "reflectory bc"). This is the only place that I changed in the input file, but TOT_SRCRATE changed from 2.6E17+/-5 to -6.8E16+/-16.

Is this possible be a bug or there could be something wrong with my input file? Thanks:)
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