Input error in parameter "bc"

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Input error in parameter "bc"

Post by ahmed » Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:29 pm

Good morning everybody

When I was trying to run the following input file, i faced this error. I dont know what is the wrong????

Input error in parameter "bc" on line 700 in file "Np-reactor-new":
Invalid number of parameters
For parameter description, try Serpent Wiki: ... ual#set_bc
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Ana Jambrina
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Re: Input error in parameter "bc"

Post by Ana Jambrina » Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:48 pm

The problem arises with what comes after ‘bc’ card (the error says the number of parameters is not correct: a new card is not defined after, meaning Serpent sees the following parameters as part of ‘bc’ card). Material volumes should be added by running ‘-checkvolumes’ (see, Monte Carlo volume calculation routine) and adding directly the generated file using 'include' card or using the 'set mvol' option (additional information at defining material volumes). - Add the 'div' card to define depleted material zone divisions - in the current definition, the material is not divided, and all its occurrences are treated as a single depletion zone
(for further information, see: automated depletion zone division).
Check the tutorial Part 5: burnup to get an overall idea on how to run a burnup calculation.

Additional notes:
- Check the definition material ‘air’ (wrong library ID).
- Nuclides 6013 and 8018 are not included in ENDF/B-VII library.
- Geometry plotter also shows some issues related with the geometry.
- Ana

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