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darryl siemer
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need help

Post by darryl siemer » Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:48 am

[I'm stuck because none of my versions (.doc, .docx, or pdf) of the ATTACHMENT that I've tried to upload/attach seems to be "allowed". If anyone wants to tackle this problem please send me an email & I'll send it to you that way. Another way to see it would be to go to ... 714#p62714]

I'm a 70 year old ex Idaho National Laboratory "consulting scientist" (chemist, first worked at its reprocessing facility and then at its test reactor facility) who decided to take up nuclear engineering as a retirement hobby. The reason for this is that I'd become convinced that the world really does need a genuinely sustainable nuclear renaissance & equally convinced that we're not apt to get one if its development continues to be managed as it is now.

Anyway, this hobby has generated several peer-reviewed publications (e.g., ) none of which required neutronics calculations. However, I've put together another (ATTACHED) paper which does & can't seem to get any of ex colleagues at INL or present colleagues at ISU to volunteer to do the calculations needed to replace its "hypothetical" CR vs reprocessing rate plot (Fig. 9 ATTACHMENT) with one that's based upon up-to-date neutronics codes & data.

The reactor in question is really pretty simple (see the ATTACHMENT's page 10) because it's both homogeneous and spherical. Its molten salt fuel consists of approx. 30 mole% "Heavy Metal" (HM mostly 238U and a steady-state mix of Pu isotopes plus MA) trichlorides in a (70-sum FP) mole% mix of sodium and fission produce (FP) chloride salts. The FP in this solution would not contain inert gas or noble metal FP (Mo, Nb, Ag, Tc, Pd, Ru, Te, etc) because both would be continuously removed. The concentrations of its HM components (YOU ADJUST) should be such that it can achieve "break even" (CR=1) with a substantial “total sum FP” which translates to requiring very little (a few liters) of its fuel salt to be reprocessed per day to keep it at steady-state.

Will anybody help me with this? I’m too old to learn this stuff & need one or more coauthors (if so desired) - this concept might "save the world".

Darryl Siemer
208 524 2479

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