Multiphysics interface with pbed

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Jeremy Owston
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Multiphysics interface with pbed

Post by Jeremy Owston » Mon May 04, 2020 5:06 pm

Is there a way to generate the power output file in coupled Multiphysics simulations for particle bed fuel geometries? I am trying to use the type 1 interface file, and I can reliably produce the pin power output for simple pin geometries, however as the output looks for pins I can't get the output to produce for my particle bed.

In my case, my core is representing a HTGR with prismatic carbon blocks containing compacts of TRISO. Ideally I would like to output a power distribution file with a power level entry for each compact to then process in my coupled thermal code. If each compact was defined as a simple pin this is easy using the type 1 interface, however once I have a particle bed using the pbed input I no longer have any pins for the output for a type 1 to find. I have tried creating some pin geometries and using the fill command to place the pbed inside a pin, but this does appear to help.

Any advice on the best way forward would be very welcome.

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