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Equilibrium Cycle Calculation

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:08 am
by keckler
Something that I think could be a great benefit to Serpent would be to include equilibrium cycle capability. Right now there is a proliferation of wrapper codes (MOCUP, MocDown, ADOPT/EDIS, etc.) that basically read/write output files to make new inputs so that a march towards equilibrium can be performed. These are cumbersome and redundant. It seems that this could be rather simple to do in memory, if a shuffling scheme and feed material are provided. Yet I don't know of any codes that actually do this in memory. Seems like Serpent could gain quite an edge if it had a built in utility for doing this. And it would be even better in Serpent because then people could include their other tallies/sensitivities in the same run!