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Depletion substeps

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:31 pm
by orca.blu
just a curiosity about new burn-up calculation method...

will be possible to get the material isotopic composition after each substep?

Thank you!

Re: Depletion substeps

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:22 am
by Jaakko Leppänen
Although this is possible in principle, the way the routine is built doesn't allow it in practice without major changes in the structure. When the program makes a loop over sub-steps, material compositions are updated in a temporary array, and written in the data structures after all sub-steps are completed. The routine that writes the depletion output is pretty complicated, and assumes that all materials are already updated. The main problem, however, is that the loop over sub-steps is inside the loop over burnable materials, and to make things even more complicated, each burnable material is handled by a separate MPI task or OpenMP thread in parallel mode.

So this is not something that will be available in the code, but if needed for some particular reason, you should be able to extract some simple data from the sub-step-wise results by adding a few printf statements in the loop.

Re: Depletion substeps

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:47 am
by orca.blu
Thank you Jaakko!