Photoneutron production

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Photoneutron production

Post by keckler » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:59 am


An important aspect of the dynamics of reactors containing a lot of beryllium is that there are delayed photoneutrons coming from the interaction of photons with beryllium. This is also important in deuterium reactors. We are trying to quantify the effective delayed neutron fraction coming from these (gamma,n) reactions on Be.

From what I understand, the coupled neutron-gamma transport mode in Serpent is only one-directional, with photons being produced from neutron interactions but not the other way around. We are wondering how difficult it might be to modify Serpent so that it can model these photoneutrons. Our thought is that if the photoneutron production cross-sections are available, we should be able to track when/where these reactions take place and then add these neutrons into the source of the successive generation of a criticality calculation in a similar manner to fission reactions. But it seems this must be too easy...

So we are looking for some advice as to how difficult this might be to implement into a modified Serpent. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks.

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