Updates in manual (Version March 24, 2010)

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Updates in manual (Version March 24, 2010)

Post by Jaakko Leppänen » Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:17 pm

I have made a few changes and additions in the Serpent User's Manual (http://montecarlo.vtt.fi/download/Serpent_manual.pdf):

1) New surface types: While updating the source code to version 1.1.10, I noticed that some of the existing surface types were missing a description in the manual. These surface types are the cuboid and two hexagonal prisms (hexagonal cylinder cut by two axial planes). The descriptions are added in Section 3.2.1.

2) Repeated boundary conditions: The description of repeated (reflective or periodic) boundary conditions was not very clear, especially since the treatment differs from other Monte Carlo codes, such as MCNP and KENO. A new (and hopefully better) description is found in Section 3.7.

3) New options for burnup calculation: Update 1.1.10 includes the capability to run decay steps without transport calculation in the burnup mode. These steps are completed considerably faster compared to normal burnup steps, and they are convenient for nuclide inventory calculations after the fuel has been removed from the reactor. The capability is described in Section 8.3 and an example is given in Section 8.7.2. New options were also added in the definition of the nuclide inventory list (now Sec. 8.4.6). In addition to single isotopes, the code can now calculate inventories for elements, actinides, fission products, decay products and noble gases by summing over the constituent isotopes. New definitions are relatively easy to implement, so if you have other summations in mind, let me know.
- Jaakko

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