Equal volume curvilinear detector meshes

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Equal volume curvilinear detector meshes

Postby mascovale » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:04 am

Hi Jaakko,

we are in the process of developing time-dependent fission matrix coefficients for the fm code RAPID. Specifically, we would like to apply the methodology to a test cylindrical molten salt reactor. I found out on the Serpent wiki that you can have curvilinear detector meshes (both cylindrical and spherical), however they are equal radius rather than equal volume.

I therefore decided to test of how using equal radius shells rather than equal volume shells (which is what we usually do with Cartesian geometries) would impact the calculation. For the first calculation I am using the existing capability in Serpent, however for the second one I have developed a much more complicated model in which I have one cell for each and every equal-volume fm region that I want to tally.

Are you planning to develop equal-volume curvilinear detector meshes? If not, can you point me to the source file that contains the calculation of the radii of the various meshes? Would adding an extra option to that chunk of code be enough for this purpose, or would other sections of the tallying process need to be restructured in order for that to work?

Thanks a lot!
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