Input Burnable Mats directly

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Input Burnable Mats directly

Postby bherman » Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:04 am

Dear Jaakko,

I really like how the rings work in burnup mode, are there simple changes to the source code I can make to do the following for a "non-burnup calculation"? (it's the only solution I can think of)::

In a burnup calculation, the pin-lattice burnable materials are renamed to <mat>p<np>r<nr>. In the input file I would list the original material just for information purposes mainly number of rings. I would also list all of the <mat>p<np>r<nr> materials that I have from a previous burnup. So when starting a case there could be two checks:

1. Checks the pin lattice cards and gets the material name and then determines the # of rings (this is done already)
2. If the materials <mat>p<np>r<nr> exist for all pins and rings in lattice, from the material cards, just read these in directly
2. Else just duplicates as usual

I am not sure how feasible this is, but if this can work is there also a way I can run in 'burnup' mode only for 0.0 MWd/kg and indicate this in the input file if I do butot and only list 0.0? Mainly, what i am trying to avoid is to have to divide up the pins manually and specify each material separately, if this is the easiest, I can do it.


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Re: Input Burnable Mats directly

Postby Jaakko Leppänen » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:59 am


If you set the burn option on a material without defining any depletion history, the code is run in the "externally coupled" mode, meaning that the code runs a single transport cycle, generates the transmutation cross sections and prints the data into a file named "<input>.burn" (decay and fission yield data is printed as well, if the library file paths are given). The idea is that Serpent can be coupled to a separate depletion code via transfer of input and output files.

When run in this mode, the burnable materials are renamed and divided into rings as in an normal burnup calculation. I guess what you would like the code to do is to check if the renamed materials already exist, before dividing them again? At the moment, if you try to do this, the code probably complains about duplicate material definition.
- Jaakko
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