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Is it legal to publicly post code intended for Serpent 2?

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 7:58 am
by Joshua Guertler

I've been working on a fairly basic program that allows users to easily simulate a Pu-239, U-235, and U-233 fueled FLiBe molten salt reactor. The program allows users to input fuel composition and play around with control rod and other geometric aspects, rather than relying upon an infinite geometry model.

The mesh output is also really cool, so that's a plus. It's like this cool looking hex mesh thing, kinda like a honeycomb. That was made for no reason other than it looking cool.

Either way, I wanted to make this model something other researchers could use. Likewise, I was curious if it would be legal for me, a US citizen, to post only the input txt file online. Thanks.