Update 1.1.13

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Update 1.1.13

Post by Jaakko Leppänen » Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:59 pm

Update 1.1.13 is now complete and it was distributed to registered users by e-mail on August 25, 2010. Contact me if you didn't receive your copy. Many of the new features and bug fixes can be attributed to active user participation at this discussion forum. Many thank's for that!

The description of the update is found at the website:


Perhaps the most significant new feature is the option to leave out the pre-calculated summation cross sections that take up several megabytes of memory per each material. In my test calculations this, and the use of directly-tallied transmutation cross sections (xscalc 1), reduced the memory usage per material from 30 to about 5 Mb, which increases the maximum number of depletion zones in burnup calculation from several hundred to a few thousand. With this option the extra memory demand required for burnup calculation is no longer dependent on grid size, so there is no need for excessive grid thinning, which might compromise the results. The drawback of the new option is that the summation cross sections must be calculated on-the-fly, which is reflected in the overall calculation time.

The most important bug fix in update 1.1.13 is related to a problem with probability table sampling and transmutation cross section calculation option 2 (xscalc 2) when burnup calculation is run in the parallel mode. The problem is discussed under topic Bug reports / Burnup Calculation Issues. The problems related to the use of a large number of MPI tasks are summarized in another topic and they will be addressed in the next update.
- Jaakko

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