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Serpent 2 Beta

Post by Jaakko Leppänen » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:02 pm

Registered Serpent users can participate in the beta testing phase of Serpent 2 by signing a separate software license agreement (let me know if you didn't receive the paper by e-mail on January 31. 2012). The idea is to collect feedback from users with prior experience with Serpent and Monte Carlo calculation, and to figure out the best practices to solve problems related to new features before the public NEA / RSICC distribution. Serpent 2 is about 80% compatible with Serpent 1, but there are a lot of new capabilites that have not been documented anywhere. I created a topic called "input" under this Serpent 2 section that will serve as an input manual for the new features. There are also categories for parallelization-related issues, ideas for new capabilities and a feedback section where all bugs, problems (and also good results) should be reported.

I expect this beta-testing phase to involve much more communication compared to Serpent 1, and to benefit other testers, I would like to have all discussion focused in this forum. In my opinion it is not necessary to make these discussions available outside the test group, so if you feel more comfortable with more privacy, we can make this part of the forum password-protected and accessible only to those who have signed the license paper.

So let's have a vote and see what happens.
- Jaakko

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