Using serpent in MTR fuel types

Share your results and discuss how Serpent compares to other neutron transport codes or experimental data
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Using serpent in MTR fuel types

Post by Diego » Wed May 09, 2012 4:21 pm

Hi everybody!
I used Serpent to homogenize and condense XS for MTR-type fuels. I performed several estudies at cell-level and core-level for OPAL (ANSTO) experimental reactor.
Some of these studies were published in the 4th International Symposium on Material Testing Reactors, Oarai, Japan, December 5-9, 2011.
Thus I´m attaching the work presented.
I hope this would be helpful,

Diego Ferraro,
Ferraro-Villarino-OPAL Reactor calculations using the Monte Carlo Serpent Code.rar
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