Serpent validation against RBMK-1000 critical benchmark

Share your results and discuss how Serpent compares to other neutron transport codes or experimental data
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Serpent validation against RBMK-1000 critical benchmark

Post by Anikin » Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:01 am

We've performed Serpent validation on the basis of RBMK critical benchmark from "International handbook of evaluated criticality safety benchmark experiments" (LEU-COMP-THERM-060) and would like to share it with all Serpent users community. Our dear Jaakko Leppänen helped us with that and added the file in the server so that you can access it using address: ... esults.pdf

Hope it will be interesting and usefull for you and your work. We'll continue validating Serpent using other benchmarks and sharing it with you.

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