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serpentTools python package

Post by drewejohnson » Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:59 pm

Welcome! This forum is dedicated to the serpentTools python package, a set of tools for expediting analysis with Serpent. The package is developed by the Computational Reactor Engineering Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology and is provided as free and open source software. The short pitch is serpentTools provides a way to load, visualize, manipulate, and work with Serpent data inside of Python. All of the plain text output files are supported, and can be read in as fast or faster than MATLAB or Octave.

The quick installation guide is to install with pip like other python packages (e.g. numpy, scipy). From the command line, execute

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 pip install serpentTools 
Users without administrative privileges, like on a remote server, may have to provide additional arguments

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 pip install --user serpentTools 
A full installation guide can be found through the documentation

Helpful links Please feel free to post questions about using serpentTools to this forum. Issues should be reported to the GitHub issue tracker

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