Interesting benchmarks for Serpent validation

Share your results and discuss how Serpent compares to other neutron transport codes or experimental data
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Interesting benchmarks for Serpent validation

Post by Jaakko Leppänen » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:19 pm

There are at least two recently established benchmark exercises that would be extremely valuable for Serpent validation. Unfortunately, it seems that we don't have the person-months to take part in either of them. Therefore I am asking if there is someone at the user community who would be willing to participate, or already has plans to do so. I would gladly provide my assistance and help sorting out any problems that you may encounter constructing the Serpent models. Even if you are not planning to become an "official" participant, sharing any of the results would be valuable for code validation.

The first benchmark is the "Prismatic Coupled Neutronics/Thermal Fluids Transient Benchmark of the MHTGR-350 MW Core Design", available for download at INL website: ... ?DirMode=1#

This is a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor benchmark, involving both neutronics and TH analysis. Personally I find Phase III particuarly interesting, since it involves cross section generation, the task that Serpent was originally designed to do.

The second exercise is an entirely new sodium-cooled fast reactor benchmark prepared by CEA and ANL. I don't know if the specifications are made public already, but I believe they are having start-up meeting at ICAPP next month. I'll post more information if I find something.
- Jaakko

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